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Services Overview Tabber

This module allows you to add 2 or more tab sections to any page.

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Services Overview Tabber Display 2 or more tab sections on any page. You can add Text, Custom Icon or Custom Image in the Header Tab. In the section content, you can select one column or two columns, and optionally display an image, rich text, or both. Settings
Allows you to customize the following module elements:

  • Background Type (color, image )
  • Section Header ( Text )
  • Section Sub Header ( Text )
  • Theme Color ( Color )

Icon Item Settings

  • Icon Text ( Text )
  • Icon Image ( Image )
  • Type of Content Box ( Select )
  • Content Title ( Text )
  • Content ( RichText )
  • Image field ( Image )

Do your templates really convert leads and customers?
Absolutely! We have tested and analyzed thousands of websites and elements. Understanding what creates conversion, we have built those elements into this theme.
What makes HubTheme templates different?
Each theme and module is built with 3 core concepts in mind (Conversion efficiency, SEO, and end-user ease of use or customization). Very few templates on the market today are able to successfully deliver 1 or 2 of these, let alone all 3.
How easy are the templates to install?
Extremely easy. Once purchased, the template will automatically be installed in your design manager and be ready for use.
How easy are the templates to set up and maintain?
Setup is a breeze. Couple clicks and you are off and editing. We built the template and code in such a way to ensure that maintenance of the theme and any customization is clean, clear and efficient as possible.
What if I want to customize the template?
Customization is what our templates are built for. There are countless modules and features that are developed to fit your needs. However, if you find something that needs additional customization or added/new functionality, don't hesitate to reach out as we often provide additional features for our customers.
Do you provide other marketing services besides modules and templates?

We sure do! Please visit HubTheme Services for a full list of services that you are able to purchase from us.

What if I am an agency and want to use the template for my clients?
We love working with agencies! We offer an Unlimited Agency License which allows you to buy a master license from us and customize and resell the template on as many clients as you would like.
How does the Agency License work?
Select the item that you are interested in purchasing. On the pricing tab, select the agency license instead of the regular license. Select "Purchase Now" and once you have completed your checkout, we will reach out to gain access to your HubSpot portal. This will allow us to copy the product that you purchased without any reuse restrictions. You will then be able to copy it to any client you wish as many times as you wish.

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  • Access to Agency Discount code
  • Provide code to clients or 
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Released November 27, 2019
Last Update : December 2, 2019
Version : 1.0
Category : Marketing, Agency
Layout : Responsive
Files Included : HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Browser : Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chome
Software Version : HubSpot
Tags : Marketing, Agency, Business, Creative, Minimal