Pricing Plan with Toggle

Customizable pricing plan table with month and year display option.


Pricing Plan Toggle Module
Customizable Pricing Plan Module is a responsive Hubspot Module with dynamic content. Customize the content, CTA, and price in each pricing block. You can adjust the module quickly and easily, and also change the content by a monthly or yearly basis. Select the specific theme color to match the rest of your current website theme.

Allows you to customize the following module elements:

  • Background  Type ( Color, Image )
  • Section Header ( Text )
  • Section Sub Header ( Text )
  • Theme Color ( Color )

Item Pricing Settings

  • Pricing Text ( Text )
  • Pricing Image ( Image )
  • Amount ( Text )
  • Type of Plans ( Select )
  • Pricing Content Text ( RichText )
  • URL Button ( Text )






Each purchase is only valid for one HubSpot portal, and can be used on multiple websites under the same portal where the pack is bought from.

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