Contact 01 with Popup Form

Display your contact information and convert visitors with a popup form.


Contact 01 with Popup Form is a module that is fully customizable section to display your contact details.

Section Settings allows you to do the following:

  • Change the sections background color to your liking or to match it to your theme's color
  • Can also set an image as background plus a parallax option just in case
  • Change the container's width, you can put a specific width or a class too
  • Customize CTA's Background and Text Color
  • Change Featured Image's Border Color

Key Features

  • Location information
  • Phone number to contact
  • Email address
  • Working hours
  • Has 3 actions to choose from
    1. Could select a Hubspot CTA
    2. Or a Link
    3. Or a Hubspot Form which will be displayed on Popup

See a sneak peak below how it looks on Hubspot

Contact 01 with Popup Form Screenshot 1

Contact 01 with Popup Form Screenshot 2

Contact 01 with Popup Form Screenshot 3




Each purchase is only valid for one HubSpot portal, and can be used on multiple websites under the same portal where the pack is bought from.

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